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Music and Voice Lessons:

Lessons are offered on a continuous basis. They can be started at anytime.

Contact the school for available teachers and times.





Music Teachers:
Angelo Pagano, Nafisa Manapat, Bill Iannone, Brian Plotnick, Alla Arzimanov, Celia Herman, Mary Lee Ferris, Bill McCrossen, Jesse Markowitz, Tim Getz, and Kathryn Alicia Tate, Andrea Klee, Joe Vincent Tranchina, Joe Flynn, Oleg Arzimanov

Music lessons are one half hour per week:
$100 / month

Voice lessons are one forty-five minute session per week:
$150 / month

Two musical performances are held each year.

Instruments offered are piano, clarinet, saxophone, recorder, flute, guitar, trumpet, trombone, violin, viola, oboe and drums.

An hour group class encompassing singing and dancing (minimum age 11)