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All classes are one hour (with exception of Pre-Ballet which is 45 minutes) Each level is taken for 2 years.
Please note all classes are for coed!

TODDLER DANCE & PLAY new (ages 20 months-2 1/2)​

PreBallet  (age 2 1/2-4)                             

No previous training. Intro to ballet.

Ballet I (ages 5-7)     

Basic beginner ballet steps. 

Ballet II (ages 7-9)
Advanced beginner ballet technique.

Ballet III (ages 9-11)
Intermediate level.

Ballet IV (ages 11-13)

Ballet V (ages 13-teens)

 Intermediate/advanced.  Two classes/week recommended.

Ballet VI & VII(15-18)
Minimum of 8/9 years of continuous training


Ballet  VI  & VII (by permission only)

Pointe I (minimum 11 years of age/by permission only)

Pointe II (intermediate level; must have had two years of Pointe I)

Pointe III (advanced; by permission only)

Pointe IV (advanced: by permission only)

​Modern/Contemporary I (ages 5-7)

Modern II (ages 7-9)

Modern III (ages 9-12)

Modern IV (ages 13-teens)


Jazz I (ages 5-7)

Jazz II (ages 7-9)

Jazz III (ages 9-12)

Jazz IV (ages 13-teens)

Tap I (ages 5-7)

Tap II (ages 7-9)

Tap III (ages 9-12)

Tap IV (ages 13-teens)

Hip Hop (ages 5-8)

Hip Hop (ages 9-12)

Hip Hop (ages 13-teens)

Variations (by permission only)

Irish Step (ages 6 and up) Soft Shoes

Irish Step Hard Shoe (must have taken 2 years of soft shoe)


ART LESSONS (age 5 and up) & adult class

THEATER CLASSES (4th grade-high school)

Improv, winter play, spring play, musical

PRIVATE MUSIC LESSONS (piano, woodwinds, guitar, drums,voice)



For information on summer programs, please click on Summer Camps button


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